Don’t Buy the Dewalt P1000 Powder Actuated Hammer!

The Dewalt P1000 powder actuated hammer is a perfect example of just how important it is to read reviews before making a purchase. I picked up the tool to build a raised floor on a concrete slab in my mud room. I grabbed it because it was the most affordable solution in the store, and because it was a Dewalt product I assumed it would be built to high standards.

Dewalt Powder Actuated Hammer

Sadly that’s not always the case as this tool has proven to me. It has a one star review on with most of the customers complaining about an experience similar to my own.

Why It’s Junk

I don’t know how the tool was built, but it wasn’t designed to last. After reading through the manual to make sure I was using the tool right, I loaded up a yellow charge, a shell with enough power for a concrete slab, and proceeded to bash the living heck out of the top of it until it finally fired about six strikes later. I did this another seven times down one of the 2×4’s on the slab and it never fired again.

At first I thought it was because of faulty charges in the box, but after going through about 10 charges I decided it had to be the tool itself and after reading through all the reviews for it on the site I’m almost certain.

I wouldn’t recommend the tool to anyone. It’s just a poorly built product that seems almost designed to fail. If you do need a powder actuated tool to handle work on concrete and masonry in general, I urge you to take a look at the reviews before making a purchase. Even a quality brand name doesn’t mean the product is going to work well.

*Update – Though I haven’t used the tool personally, the Ramset Mastershot has really good reviews and looks to be a much better tool than the product created by Dewalt. It’s quite a bit more spendy compared to the $25 that I dropped on the first tool though. This ITW single shot tool is another option worth considering, and it’s pretty affordable with good reviews as well. I finished my project using a sledge hammer and the concrete nails that I bought with my Dewalt tool so I haven’t had a chance to test another tool out yet. I’ll post another update when the opportunity arises to give the tool a shot.