Why the Craftsman CMEC6150 Is a Top Beginner Air Compressor

If you’re searching for an air compressor to add to your home as your first compressor, you’re probably looking for a balance of performance and value. One of the best tools for that purpose is the Craftsman CMEC6150 air compressor. It’s hard not to love this little guy because it offers solid performance with pressure levels up to 150 PSI while being affordable, portable and simple to use. In fact, hundreds of people leave behind positive reviews for this compressor on Amazon every year.

The Craftsman 6 gallon air compressor is portable and powerful.

This Craftsman 6 Gallon Compressor is Affordable

Few people have the need for an air compressor every single day. For this reason, it’s hard to justify spending nearly $1,000 or more purchasing this seldom-used equipment. That’s another thing we love about this Craftsman CMEC6150 set. It’s low-cost enough that you can pick the set up on a whim and still draw enough value from it during your occasional projects for it to be well worth its cost. Even when you purchase the unit with an accessory kit, you can often get it for a bargain price that most larger compressors can’t be had for. Even used compressors often cost more than this little gem does brand new.

It’s Easy to Maintain

Other than draining out the accumulated moisture after each use, and taking care to put away your Craftsman air compressor, there isn’t much else you have to do with it. Since this is a Craftsman oilless air compressor you don’t have to check oil levels or top up the oil as you use the machine. Instead, you just apply basic maintenance practices to this little guy and it should keep running smoothly for a good long time.

A Highly Portable Air Compressor

When purchasing a first air compressor portability is a big deal. That’s because you’ll likely be tackling home improvement and repair tasks in different locations with your Craftsman compressor. This product excels in this area in a big way. This Craftsman portable air compressor weighs in at just 32 lbs. It’s only 16 x 18 inches wide and can be stuffed into the back seat of a vehicle for easy transport. It’s a compressor that you can take with you where you go, or easily move from one room to the next in your home as you work.

Powerful Enough For Most Tasks

It’s true you likely won’t be running a sandblaster with this Craftsman oilless air compressor, but that doesn’t mean you can’t operate quite a few tools using this little beauty. In fact, you can operate more tools than you might think with this Craftsman compressor.

This Craftsman 125 PSI air compressor has a peak operating pressure rating of 150 PSI, and can maintain 90 PSI while putting out 2.6 SCFM. That means this little Craftsman portable air compressor can be used to operate most nailers and staplers effectively. It works well for inflator tools and works with blowers as well.

Even though this Craftsman 6 gallon air compressor has a smaller tank, it can be used for some more demanding tools such as a touch-up paint gun, a smaller impact wrench, and an air ratchet as long as they are used intermittently. It won’t work well for die grinders, large impact wrenches, air sanders, and other high-demand tools though.

Works for Multiple Users

As long as you’re running smaller accessories, such as a pair of trim guns, or a trim gun and a framing nailer, you can even use this Craftsman 6-gallon air compressor for two users at the same time. It features a built-in pair of couplers that are perpendicular to one another for convenient attachment. This makes it quick and easy to install multiple airlines to use this compressor for your entire project.

It Features a Capable Accessory Kit

The Craftsman CMEC6150 is a powerful little compressor for beginners looking for utility.

If you decide to purchase the Craftsman CMEC6150 with the accessory kit you’ll get a bunch of little extras that give you everything you need to start using the compressor with tools, or just to inflate tires, balls and other random objects around your home. You get all of the following with the accessory kit.

  • 25′ 1/4″ PVC air hose
  • Hose coupler and plug
  • Tire chuck
  • Blow gun
  • Air pressure guage
  • Three different infaltor adapters
  • A rubber tip
  • An OSHA safety nozzle
  • and more

Along with a pretty capable Craftsman pancake air compressor For a closer look at the accessories that come with the kit, see the product page here.

Protected by a 1 Year Warranty

This American-Made product is safeguarded by a 1-year warranty. That means as long as you don’t do something crazy with your Craftsman compressor, like toss it into a lake, you’re probably covered if something goes wrong with it during that first year of use.

Trusted by a Large Base of Users

This Craftsman pancake air compressor is trusted by thousands of users and it has hundreds of positive reviews right on Amazon. While a few people have experienced issues with the unit, such as a defective seal, or the pressure release not being shut when they first start up the compressor, most people report good long-term performance out of this little unit.

If you’re searching for an air compressor you can count on, you should consider getting this particular Craftsman air compressor. It’s cheap, it will run most tools, it’s portable and it’s very easy to use. There isn’t much you’ll have to learn before you can start using the compressor, and that’s another reason so many people are happy with this purchase as their first air compressor.

Where You Can Get It

The Craftsman CMEC6150 is available from a range of different retailers, including Lowes and ACE Hardware. It’s often most affordable on Amazon and can be had with the accessory kit at a great value here. Buy this compressor today and get a useful accessory kit to give you all the extras you need to start using it immediately. You can also opt for the kit that includes a matching brad nailer that’s perfect for trim and framing tasks.