Stop Wasting Time on Projects and Use the PORTER CABLE PCCK640LB Impact Driver

There’s nothing more satisfying than finally finishing a project and being able to look at the results. Sitting down on a picnic table that you created with your bare hands feels amazing. Walking up a flight of stairs that you built, makes you feel good. What doesn’t feel good is taking a look at that wooden garden fence and realizing that you could have finished the project in half the time if you just invested in cordless tools. That’s right, when it comes to driving screws, fasteners and other items, cordless tools make sense 99% of the time. I love my corded Hitachi drill, but after buying my Porter Cable PCCK640LB impact driver, it sits and collects dust the majority of the time.

20V Porter Cable Impact Driver


A Cordless Impact Tackles Projects Immediately

With the powerful impact driver from Porter Cable, I can start projects immediately. I don’t run cables, I don’t have to plug anything and and there’s no worrying about finding outlets where I’ll be working. I pull it out of the case, load in the proper driver and go to town locking things down.

Torque Isn’t an Issue

I own a few cordless drills that have trouble with the torque requirements of driving a 3″ screw into hard wood. That’s not an issue with my impact. It handles the task smoothly, and is actually easier than my corded drill. The drive is nice and smooth and the driver never stutters or stalls.

Long Projects aren’t an Issue

Even when working on long projects I don’t run into an issue where I run out of power. My main argument for corded drills was always that you never run out of power. I installed a 300′ wooden fence all using this impact driver, and never ran out of power. That’s because it comes with two batteries and a nice rapid charger. I burnt through my battery power about once every one to 2 hours while driving screws constantly, and the other battery was always ready to go for me. After making the quick swap I was back to work once again.

TheĀ Porter Cable PCCK640LB driver is a really capable tool and it’s something that every single homeowner should own. I’m not saying it’s the only impact driver that’s worth buying, but it’s the one I have the most experience with and the one that I rely on every single day. Whether I’m hanging photos, putting together a cabinet, building a fence, creating a cool loft bed, or doing anything else, I have my impact driver close at hand, and my corded drill continues to collect dust.