Stay Warm and Safe in a Vehicle Emergency with These Tools

Congratulations on taking action and building an emergency kit for your vehicle. This section covers warmth and survival, arguably the two most important parts of a car emergency kit. Read on to learn about the different components, or go back to the emergency kit hub and work on a different aspect of your kit. 

If something happens and you’re stuck in your car for an extended period of time, you need to survive. This means having access to food, water, warmth and first aid. To ensure that all of these needs are met pick up all the following items for your car.

Food – For food you get simple 400 calorie bars in multiple flavors, good enough to last a few people a couple days trapped.

Water – For water you get 24 packs or enough for a few days with a couple people.  If you travel with four or more people you can prepare for a few days by doubling the water packs you get, but this is ideal for two people, or for short-term use for more.

Warmth – Wool blankets insulate even when wet, making them ideal for emergency use. The recommended blanket is 90% wool, good quality and large enough for a few people. Consider adding in another one for groups of four or more. The heat packs stay warm for 12 hours at a time and will help maintain your temperature when it’s very cold out.

First Aid – Injuries happen away from home all the time. This first aid kit will help ensure your’re  ready for them. It’s a good basic starting point, though you could enhance it with a medication kit and a tourniquet to prepare for even more situations.

Red car first aid kit

By adding each of these things to your vehicle you’ll prepare for the worst-case scenario. Then if something does happen, you’ll at least be warm, fed and watered throughout the ordeal.