An In Depth Review of the 20 Volt Black and Decker Drill and Driver Set

The 20 Volt Black and Decker Drill and Driver Set advertises itself as a rugged kit designed for serious tasks while being priced at a budget level. Though that seems counter intuitive, we took the time to test out the claims of the tool and we’re more than a little surprised at the final results. Take a minute to learn about this toolkit and save yourself some money instead of going for one of the kits that cost more than double the price of this one.

Or just take a look for the kit yourself and read customer reviews right now.

Black and Decker Drill and Impact Driver Set

What You Get

  • 1x – 20V Black and Decker Cordless Drill
  • 1x – 20V Black and Decker Impact Driver
  • 2x – 20V Lithium Ion Batteries
  • 1x – Black and Decker Carry Bag
  • 1x – 20V Battery Charger

Recommended For

  • Home improvement projects
  • Occasional use
  • Projects on the go
  • Not Recommended For
  • Commercial use
  • Large rusty bolts
  • Full days of work

First Impressions of Both Tools

After testing out both tools that come in the Black and Decker 20V drill driver and impact driver set I was most impressed with how much power the tools have.

Black and Decker 20v Drill Driver

The Drill Driver

The drill driver twists wood screws into plywood and 2×4’s with ease. It tightens up curtain rod screws and has no trouble driving sheetrock screws into place. This drill in particular is excellent for putting together furniture as well thanks to a technology that Black and Decker is calling “Autosense”. Autosense is an advanced sensor system that can detect when the drill is working hard and when it’s not. It slows drive speeds down as you get close to the finished surface and in that way can help reduce overdriving screws and damaging furniture surfaces. It’s a rock solid cordless drill, and my new favorite to tackle most lightweight projects around the house. I’d also like to note that it’s real easy to get into tight places with this drill because it’s so compact compared to most cordless products. Drilling in between rafters, deck boards and other tight spaces is comfortable with this tool.

Black and Decker 20v Impact Driver

The Impact Driver

The impact driver is a real powerhouse and something that you’ll breaking out every time that you have to drive a large screw or bolt into place. My first impression of the tool is that it feels really solid in hand, not cheap or poorly constructed like many have come to expect from Black and Decker products. Instead it feels comparable to a Dewalt or Porter Cable tool. It’s comfortable to hold and offers enough power to loosen up the lug nuts on most vehicles, though it’s not the ideal tool for that purpose.

What You Can Do

The drill in this set is capable of most standard driving tasks of small to mid-sized screws. It drives fasteners quickly and quickly lowers torque levels to avoid damaging items just before the fasteners are fully in position.

The impact driver handles long bolts, rusts screws, and most large fasteners or even hole saws without issue. It will get hung up on large rusty bolts and the lug nuts on some vehicles, but for such a lightweight piece of equipment it’s more capable than you might expect.

Standout Features

The Set

  • Batteries charge in just a few hours
  • Brilliant built in LED lighting on both tools
  • Exceptional price for two batteries an impact driver and drill

The Drill

  • Two speed selections
  • 310 lb.-ft. of torque
  • 11 position clutch
  • Lightweight and compact

The Impact Driver

  • 1/4” quick release hex chuck
  • Lightweight 20V battery
  • 1375 lb.-ft. of torque
  • Forward and reverse selections

It’s nearly impossible to find a cordless drill and impact driver set for around $100, but that’s exactly what Black and Decker is offering with this kit. Not only do you get both the tools, but you also get a pair of batteries and a charger to go with them. These aren’t underpowered toys, even though the whole set costs less than a single Dewalt cordless drill, and they’re a solid option for home improvement projects.

Homeowners really can’t go wrong with this set, and even some contractors will enjoy having a few of these for the lightweight tasks that have to be tackled regularly. Take a look what customers had to say about the tool here, or check out the tool set itself and decide if it’s right for your needs. (we think it will be!)