A Complete Guide to the Best Driver Bit Set

A quality drill and impact driver set will help you tackle most home-improvement and maintenance tasks at home from hanging pictures on the wall, to building an actual wall. You won’t get very far with these versatile tools unless you have a versatile driver bit set to rely on as well. A good driver set gives you a package of bits for driving in most common fastener types. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy picking out a quality driver set from a low quality set, and even when you find a good set it might not be the perfect set for your needs specifically. That’s why we put together this in-depth guide on the top driver bit sets separated by category. Use it to help you locate the perfect bits for all your future projects.

Our Findings

During our search for the highest quality driver bits sold today, we came across a few impressive packs. We were impressed with the simplicity and low-cost functionality of the Bosch Multi-Size bit set. We fell in love with the sheer versatility and strength of the bits in the compact impact-drive bit set from Dewalt. and we’re pretty sure the 100 piece impact set from Milwaukee has every bit that we’ll ever need.

Top Recommendations by Category

Product Title: Best for:
Bosch Multi-Size Screwdriver Bit Set Lightweight Driver Set
Tacklife 61 in 1 Screwdriver Bit Set Toughest Short Bit Driver Set
Milwaukee Shockwave 100 pc Impact Driver Bit Set Largest Impact Duty Bit Set
Dewalt Flex Torq Screwdriving Bit Set Compact Impact Duty Bit Set
Neiko Extra Long Security Power Bit Set Extra Long Security Bit Set

In-Depth Recommendations: Going Deeper

If the short overview of our top picks up above wasn’t enough to help you decide which driver set is right for you, we offer an expanded review of each product down below. Read on to learn specific details about each of these driver sets, and to figure out why or why not they’re right for you.

Best Lightweight Driver Set

Bosch Multi-Size Screwdriver Bit Set

This lightweight driver set from Bosch is the perfect starter set for someone that just got a drill or impact driver and wants to start using it for screws and other fasteners. Each piece in this kit is made from durable S2 steel that will hold up well for most standard applications.

The kit includes a total of 47 pieces, and includes short bits, extended bits, nut setters, and a single magnetic driver. All of this is packed into a neat little plastic carrying case, helping to keep everything together during use. This kit is lightweight, but it has just about everything you will need to drive in most standard fasteners, and it features enough bits to keep you going for a long time.

Things we like:

  • Tough plastic carry case
  • Bits made from durable S2 steel
  • Mix of short and extended bits
  • Two nut setters included
  • Features a magnetic driver
  • Compact and lightweight
  • An affordable starter set

Things we don’t like:

  • Limited Torx bit driver sizes
  • Includes mostly the same size bits

What Users Think

“Price is right and the quality is better than the comparable DeWalt set I was considering.” – M. Erb

“the bits appear to be harder, more long lasting than average “cheap” bits.” – DanTheMan

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Toughest Short Bit Driver Set

Tacklife 61 in 1 Screwdriver Bit Set

This Tacklife bit set stands out as one of the most compact bit driver sets that you can get today while still getting your hands on a nice diverse set of different sizes. Phillips, flathead, torx, security torx, six-sided and square bits are all represented by this kit. Each of the different bits is made from tough metal and coated with chrome vanadium for added strength and a cool black look. We love how compact and simple this kit is to use, and there is a neat little key that points out all the different bit types in the kit.

It’s important to note that these bits aren’t designed for heavy-duty performance and when put under enough torque they will snap. Some bits will fall out here and there when opening and closing the case as well, but this isn’t too much of an issue. Overall, this kit from Tacklife is nice and compact and a good entry-level product, but professionals will want to upgrade later on.

Things we like:

  • Label stickers for different bits
  • Tough vanadium chrome coated bits
  • 61 pieces
  • Multi-magnetic bit driver
  • Excellent selection of bit sizes
  • Compact and sturdy plastic case

Things we don’t like:

  • No extended bits
  • Bits tend to fall out of case upon opening


What Users Think

“Very nice quality tool set that has all different size of screw bits with nice case.”

“This is a nice little bit set. The magnet is strong enough. ” – Jessica

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Largest Impact-Duty Bit Set

Milwaukee Shockwave 100 pc Impact Driver Bit Set

When you aren’t interested in compromising in any way, the Milwaukee Shockwave 100 piece impact driver bit set is the product to go with. This kit features all the bits that you’ll need to drive in most fasteners with confidence. Each of the different bits is made from proprietary Alloy76 steel that’s been heat-treated for maximum strength. The bits also benefit from a unique geometry that Milwaukee calls Shockzone bit geometry. The bits are specially designed to handle torque better than even other impact bits do, so you don’t have to worry about breaking or damaging bits in heavy-duty situations.

This set is massive and includes just about every bit size that you could want. We love that the bits are packed into two different cases, because that makes it a bit easier to find what you are looking for when you need it. Even still, you’ll find yourself digging through the cases trying to locate the right size. This could be the only bit set that you ever need, but you’ll have to take the time to get to know the different bit locations before you can use the set efficiently.

Things we like:

  • Patented Shockzone bit geometry
  • Custom machined bits
  • Made from Alloy 76 heat-treated steel
  • Includes nut drivers
  • Strong bits for use on impact driver
  • Huge assortment of bits to choose from
  • Includes a magnetic bit driver
  • Organized into two durable cases

Things we don’t like:

  • Two cases take up more space
  • Finding the right bit fast can prove challenging

What Users Think

“Great bits for both pro’s and DIYers alike!” – Kevlnda

“There is no downside to this bit set. Everything you need to do the job with the CORRECT bit size, if that’s important to you. ” – Phillip J. Fish

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Best Compact Impact-Duty Bit Set

Dewalt Flex Torq Screwdriving Bit Set

When you’re searching for a compact drill bit set that’s filled with tough bits that can withstand the impact of demanding household maintenance tasks it’s hard to recommend anything other than the Dewalt Flex Torq Screwdriving bit set. This set is compact, all packed into a single easy-carry case and it has all the essential bits that you could need for common everyday tasks.

It’s important to note that you won’t have every single bit that you need for every job with this kit, but that’s not the point. We love this kit because it’s compact, it’s tough and it’s easy to find the bits that you need quickly. Every singe bit is made from tough HSS (high strength steel) and they perform well when put on the end of an impact driver. This Dewalt set is perfect when you just want to grab a pack of bits real quick and likely have what you need. If you want a comprehensive kit instead, we highly recommend the Milwaukee impact-grade bit set reviewed above, it has just about every bit that you could want, though it takes up more space, and is a bit more costly.

Things we like:

  • Powerful magnetic bit driver with built-in lock
  • Sturdy plastic case with latch
  • Mix of short and extended bits
  • Durable HSS (High Speed Steel) construction
  • Built to withstand impact driver forces
  • Quick change driver sleeve design
  • Affordable

Things we don’t like:

  • Some buyers complain of receiving a kit without the 3/8″ nut driver

What Users Think

“Very well made, fits screws better than any bit out there!! Very happy I made this purchase, and for the price, can’t beat it!!” – Ben

“I use these in conjunction with a Rigid impact driver. These tools are worth the money.” – Paul S.

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Best Extra Long Security Bit Set

Neiko Extra Long Security Power Bit Set

Up until now we’ve reviewed pretty standard bit drivers. Sure we looked at a mix of short and somewhat extended bits, but overall the bits are something you would find in a traditional driver set. This Neiko kit is a bit different. All the bits in this set are 6″ long, making them far from standard. These bits are designed specifically to get to those hard-to-read locations that most drivers and drills simply aren’t capable of reaching and it does an excellent job for that purpose.

This kit comes with a total of 32 bits and offers a good mix of bit types including Phillips, Flathead, Torx, Torx security, hex and spanner. Several bit sizes are represented as well. Each of these bits is made from S2 steel, and built for light to mid-duty use. These aren’t designed for use at the end of an impact driver by any means, but they will work well for most low-torque situations. We highly recommend this set for loosening fasteners in deep holes, and it’s the type of specialty kit that you’ll use more often than you expect to.

Things we like:

  • 6″ length bits
  • Excellent selection of driver types
  • Stable plastic holder
  • Durable S2 steel construction

Things we don’t like:

  • Not made for heavy-duty tasks

What Users Think

“This set gets you into appliances that you could not get into without it” – EchoKilo

“Works perfectly for those hard to reach places. I like the smaller bits taper down thin so you can actually get them in a tight hole with no problems” – Mike K.

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Factors We Considered

Choosing the best bit driver set isn’t a simple task, and it isn’t as straightforward as choosing the highest rated option for everyone. Some kits will work better for light-duty tasks such as putting in low-torque fasteners. Other kits are designed for more demanding tasks. While putting together this complete review guide on drivers, we look at specific factors like strength, ease-of-use and performance when judging different kits. By looking at each of these factors carefully we can point you toward some of the very best driver kits available today.

Build Quality

When evaluating bits from a driver kit we look closely at what they are made from. The best bits are made from high speed steel that’s been heat treated. These are bits designed for use on an impact driver to do a demanding task like drive screws into hardwood. We look at some kits with S2 steel and steel coated with Vanadium chrome as well, but these are more light-duty drivers. The toughest bits are most expensive, but they can be used in a wider range of situations and are expected to last longer.


Another important factor is how easy a set of bits is to use. This is determined by the quality of the storage case and how easy it is to navigate. We prefer sets that include latching cases for each of the bits. We also look for kits with extensive labels throughout, and we like kits that firmly hold bits in position so they don’t fall out when opening or closing a case. The best bit sets deliver in most of these areas, making it quick and easy to grab the bit you’re looking for. The larger the kit you opt for, the more time-consuming it is to find what you are looking for though, so that’s something to think about as well.


Finally, we look at raw performance. We need to make sure that the bit driver holds each of the bits firmly, and that the different bits fit their designated fasteners well and they don’t wear out too quickly. To really get a feel for the different bit driver kits, we test drive them by turning in a variety of fasteners and seeing how they hold up.

Use the table above to help you find the perfect bit driver set for you, or consider using the compact Dewalt impact driver bit set. It’s our favorite all-around bit set that’s going to work well for most applications.